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Perennials for the Garden Center

Perennials for the Garden Center


The objective behind this is to unburden the garden centers when selling perennials to consumers.

Starting point:

Good advice to the consumer on the shop floor about the application possibilities and the use of perennials in the garden and on the balcony or terrace was the starting point.


For this we have divided the range into 9 different themes, making it easier for the consumer to make a choice independently.

The following themes are available:

· Spring bloomers

· Summer bloomers

· Autumn bloomers

· Rock garden plants

· Shade plants

· Ornamental grasses

· Ground cover plants

· Hardy herbs

· Butterfly and bee plants

Banners and info cards

For these 9 themes we have developed special theme banners that can be placed on the sales tables. We often see that the garden centers already have existing tables for the sale of perennials. We can actually adapt any size table for the sale of our theme concept. Most of the ingredients are often already present, such as the top card holders on top of the table. For the info cards at the edge of the tables, placing an A6 card holder is already sufficient to be able to start with the concept.

Because the customers have different types of sales tables, we also supply the plants in P11 in 2 different trays, namely: the 6-hole tray for the narrow tables and the 160 cm wide tables and the 8-hole tray for the 120 cm wide tables.

The theme tables are constructed in such a way that the consumer can see at a glance at which table he can make his choice.

By developing the concept, the consumer can read all about the species at the sales table, on the info cards for the plant the explanation of the symbols on the labels is written in text. In addition, information is also provided about the planting distances, winter hardiness, and wintergreenness of the plants.

The info cards also contain general care information for the plant in question at certain times of the year. In addition, there is a QR code on every photo label that comes with the plant, when the consumer scans it, he immediately receives information about plant and care tips. Furthermore, the information is also shown on the info cards on the sales tables.

By continuously talking to our customers, the concept is adapted where necessary to the wishes of the consumer, this also applies to the range that we carry. Based on the sales results and on the basis of customer demand, the range is constantly updated in order to keep up to date.

If you have become curious about our concept, we would like to meet again to discuss the possibilities. You are also always welcome to visit our nursery so that you can see the entire production process with your own eyes.

In any case, the coffee is always ready.

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