Yli 2 000 000 perennaa jaettu 600-700 lajikkeeseen

Huomaa: Liian monta tilausriviä ostoskorissa hidastaa verkkokauppaa.

Tämä ei häiritse sinua napsauttamalla säännöllisesti tilauspainiketta.

Tilaa teemaluettelosta:



Welcome to the NEW website of Perennial nursery Jos Swinkels.

Through this website we want to give you a presentation of our nursery in all its facets. In addition, we also have a current stock as a direct service to our customers.

From now on, our range can also be ordered through our new webshop.

Your benefits:

· You always have access to the current stock. This stock is updated every night

· You see what you buy: Almost all types are provided with current product photos

· No more half pallets or carts: At the same time as ordering you will gain insight into the loading of the pallet or cart.

· Overview of all costs: All costs are listed separately in the shopping cart. Both for the plants and the transport are shown separately.

This webshop is only for colleagues and wholesalers, we do not sell to private individuals.

I would like to refer private individuals who would like to know more about perennials to the

promotional website of the Dutch perennial growers: www.perennialpower.nl

Especially for consumers:

As an extra we have added a tab to the website with where are our perennials for sale.

Here you can look up per province which garden centers work with our perennial range.

You can find all our current auction offers on www.floraXchange.nl

If you have any comments or tips to improve this site, please let us know.

We hope you enjoy viewing this site.

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