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Pot production

Pot production

There is an automatic pot-in-tray filling line for the production of perennials in pots.

All plants in P9 and P11 pots are grown in trays. The reason for this is that the pots make contact with the soil during the cultivation process. As a result, the chance of dehydration is much smaller and there are fewer problems during the wintering of the plants outside in the field.


The logistic process of the plants within the nursery is done with forklift trucks with a plant fork. This makes it possible to move many plants in a short time to prepare them for delivery.

Most of the work takes place centrally in the industrial hall, which means that we are less dependent on the weather conditions.


When potting the plants, use is made of a potting soil that is provided with slow-acting fertilizers. This means that extra fertilization during cultivation is not necessary because after delivery the plants remain in color at the garden center, which promotes sales.

During cultivation, various plant enhancers on a biological basis are used. This makes the plants more resistant to all kinds of diseases and pests, so that the use of chemical crop protection is reduced to a minimum.

Weed control in the pots is done manually.

Because the plants are mowed a number of times during the growing season, we get high quality, beautiful full plants.

Cradle to Cradle

The waste stream from the company is kept to a minimum.

The plants that are not sold at the end of the season are composted. This happens together with all the weeds that have been picked and all the pruning that has become available during the growing season.

Once a year this compost pile is sieved and steamed together with the used pots.

After this everything is clean and the pots can be used again. The compost is reused by mixing it with the new potting soil.

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