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Our company

Our company

Perennial nursery Jos Swinkels is a medium-sized nursery in the south of the Netherlands with an annual production of approximately 2 million perennials.

We have focused on the production of perennials in P11 pots. The so-called 1 liter pots.

The nursery consists of a 4-hectare container field for the cultivation of the pots and is designed in such a way that all the rainwater that falls is collected in a basin of 6000 m3 and reused for irrigation of the plants.

Because there is sufficient storage capacity, we always have access to the best irrigation water.

99% of the young planting material is produced in-house, for which 2500 m2 of greenhouse is rented at 1 kilometer from the company.

The range that is produced consists of about 600-700 species, a small part of which consists of torn plants and the remainder of cuttings and sown plants.

In addition to the 2 owners, the company has 5 permanent employees who all carry out part of the production process.

During the delivery season, in addition to permanent employees, temporary employees are also used to pack and prepare the plants for delivery.

Because we have been working with the same people for years, we can safely speak of a professional team that is ready for you every day.


The company has been active in perennials since 1992. Previously, we were involved in open field vegetable cultivation.

In 1987, a small-scale start was made with the cultivation of open ground vegetables.

A few years later, the cultivation of violins in the open ground was added. Because we had more pleasure in growing perennials in pots than in vegetable cultivation, in 1992 we completely switched to growing perennials in pots in the open air.

We have built up our knowledge through a lot of self-study and, above all, looking at other companies and talking to colleagues and customers. And we learn more every day.

That is also the challenge for us in perennials: nothing is necessary and everything is possible.

In the last few years in particular, the production of the range in P11 has been further expanded.

We also have a sophisticated range for the institutional market.

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