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Construction market / Public Green

Construction market / Public green

In recent years we have seen that more and more perennials are used in public green spaces.

This has many advantages.

What do perennials do for the city?

Lowering peak summer temperatures

Green uses the solar radiation for photosynthesis and the evaporation of water, so the ambient temperature rises less. The plants also radiate less heat at night, so that the city can cool down better.

A less hot city in the summer has beneficial effects on the health of the residents and the productivity of workers, and it reduces the energy use - and costs - for air conditioning.

Rainwater drainage

Green elements allow part of the collected rainwater to sink into the soil, so that the sewer is less burdened and less high peak storage is required.

They also evaporate some of the collected rainwater again. The larger the green area, the stronger the effect.

Air purification

Growing plants absorb CO2 and produce oxygen. They capture particulate matter from the air and can adsorb polluting gases with their leaves.

Planting also has an effect on air quality because it lowers peak summer temperatures, resulting in less smog. These effects are largely determined by the volume of greenery.

Because there is a lot of choice in perennials and they are also suitable for use in small planting areas, they are extremely suitable for use to improve the air quality in places where there is no space for large green elements. Between the roadway and cycle path, for example, and in the periphery of a roundabout. Particularly fine dust that swirls up from the roadway could therefore be immediately collected.

Sound damping

All green elements dampen the sound and prevent sound from reflecting between buildings.

Perennials can be placed right next to a roadway without obstructing the view. There they keep some of the road traffic noise away from the source.


For wild plants and animals in the city, perennial fields can be very valuable as a habitat or food source.

By using multiple species, plantings can be attractive to humans and animals all year round. As a result, a perennial section has more value for biodiversity than a lawn, tree avenue or shrub section, since these are much less diverse in composition

Perennial planters are particularly attractive for insects as a food source and shelter. By using pregnancy plants, for example, honey bees and butterflies can get a helping hand. But birds and small mammals such as hedgehogs also find food and shelter there

Psychological and social effects

The fact that greenery has a positive effect on people's well-being can be increasingly substantiated by research in recent years with figures.

Green (and water) in the neighborhood increases house prices and creates a good business climate for businesses. It is pleasant to live and work in a green environment, but it is also healthy. Patients recover faster with a view of greenery, and well-arranged greenery invites young and old to exercise. Greenery has to meet conditions, such as a good state of maintenance.

It has also been shown that greater biodiversity in a green element increases the effect on well-being. Perennials excel at this, because there are few green elements in which as much variation can be applied as in a perennial box. In addition, a box of perennials attracts a variety of insects and birds. It is therefore one of the few ways to achieve a lot of effect with small planting areas.

Well-maintained plants with a high ornamental value discourage vandalism and the dumping of waste. Cars cannot be parked in a perennial plant bed, something that happens, for example, in a grass-herb verge.

Beautiful greenery makes it pleasant to sit, walk or play outside. This benefits social safety.

Perennials are ideal for resident participation, because no large equipment is required for planting and maintenance. Partly because of their attraction to insects, perennials are an attractive resource for nature education.

We would like to inform you more about the possibilities for using perennials in public green spaces. We have a suitable range for this.

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